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Defer and tracing

The defer keyword allows us to postpone the execution of a statement or a function until the end
of the enclosing (calling) function:
it executes something (a function or an expression) when the enclosing function returns
(after every return and even when an error occurred in the midst of
executing the function, not only a return at the end of the function), but before the } (Why after?
Because the return statement itself can be an expression which does something instead of only
giving back 1 or more variables).

  1. package main
  2. import “fmt”
  3. func main() {
  4. Function1()
  5. }
  7. func Function1() {
  8. fmt.Printf(In Function1 at the top\n”)
  9. defer Function2()
  10. fmt.Printf(In Function1 at the bottom!\n”)
  11. }
  12. func Function2() {
  13. fmt.Printf(“Function2: Deferred until the end of the calling function!”)
  14. }

The output:

  1. In Function1 at the top
  2. In Function1 at the bottom!
  3. Function2: Deferred until the end of the calling function!

Tracing with defer:
A primitive but sometimes effective way of tracing the execution of a program is printing a message
when entering and leaving certain functions. This can be done with the following 2 functions:

  1. func trace(s string) { fmt.Println(“entering:”, s) }
  2. func untrace(s string) { fmt.Println(“leaving:”, s) }
  1. package main
  2. import “fmt”
  3. func trace(s string) { fmt.Println(“entering:”, s) }
  4. func untrace(s string) { fmt.Println(“leaving:”, s) }
  5. func a() {
  6. trace(“a”)
  7. defer untrace(“a”)
  8. fmt.Println(in a”)
  9. }
  11. func b() {
  12. trace(“b”)
  13. defer untrace(“b”)
  14. fmt.Println(in b”)
  15. a()
  16. }
  17. func main() {
  18. b()
  19. }

The outputs:

  1. entering: b
  2. in b
  3. entering: a
  4. win a
  5. leaving: a
  6. leaving: b

This can be done more succinctly:

  1. package main
  2. import “fmt”
  3. func trace(s string) string {
  4. fmt.Println(“entering:”, s)
  5. return s
  6. }
  7. func un(s string) {
  8. fmt.Println(“leaving:”, s)
  9. }
  10. func a() {
  11. defer un(trace(“a”))
  12. fmt.Println(in a”)
  13. }
  14. func b() {
  15. defer un(trace(“b”))
  16. fmt.Println(in b”)
  17. a()
  18. }
  19. func main() {
  20. b()
  21. }



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