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Useful queries for postgresql

detect which tables might need an index.

  1. SELECT schemaname, relname, seq_scan, seq_tup_read,
  2. seq_tup_read / seq_scan AS avg, idx_scan
  3. FROM pg_stat_user_tables
  4. WHERE seq_scan > 0
  5. ORDER BY seq_tup_read DESC
  6. LIMIT 25;

how often every index on every table in every schema has been used.

  1. SELECT schemaname, relname, indexrelname, idx_scan,
  2. pg_size_pretty(pg_relation_size(indexrelid)) AS idx_size,
  3. pg_size_pretty(sum(pg_relation_size(indexrelid))
  4. OVER (ORDER BY idx_scan, indexrelid)) AS total
  5. FROM pg_stat_user_indexes
  6. ORDER BY 6 ;

gain an overview of what is happening on the database server

  1. SELECT round((100 * total_time / sum(total_time)
  2. OVER ())::numeric, 2) percent,
  3. round(total_time::numeric, 2) AS total,
  4. calls,
  5. round(mean_time::numeric, 2) AS mean,
  6. substring(query, 1, 40)
  7. FROM pg_stat_statements
  8. ORDER BY total_time DESC
  9. LIMIT 10;

how many queries are currently being executed on your database

  1. SELECT datname,
  2. count(*) AS open,
  3. count(*) FILTER (WHERE state = 'active') AS active,
  4. count(*) FILTER (WHERE state = 'idle') AS idle,
  5. count(*) FILTER (WHERE state = 'idle in transaction')
  6. AS idle_in_trans
  7. FROM pg_stat_activity
  8. WHERE backend_type = 'client backend'

figure out how long those transactions have been kept open

  1. SELECT pid, xact_start, now() - xact_start AS duration
  2. FROM pg_stat_activity
  3. WHERE state LIKE '%transaction%'

whether there are any long-running queries going on

  2. now() - query_start AS duration, datname, query
  3. FROM pg_stat_activity
  4. WHERE state = 'active'

Checking for slow queries

  1. SHOW log_min_duration_statement;
  2. ALTER DATABASE test SET log_min_duration_statement TO 10000;

get an impression of where an index might be missing

  1. SELECT schemaname, relname, seq_scan, seq_tup_read,
  2. idx_scan, seq_tup_read / seq_scan AS avg
  3. FROM pg_stat_user_tables
  4. WHERE seq_scan > 0
  5. ORDER BY seq_tup_read DESC
  6. LIMIT 20;



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