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Using memoization for performance

When doing heavy computations one thing that can be done for increasing performance is not
to repeat any calculation that has already been done and that must be reused. Instead cache the
calculated value in memory, which is called memoization. A great example of this is the Fibonacci

  1. package main
  2. import (
  3. “fmt”
  4. time
  5. )
  6. const LIM = 41
  7. var fibs [LIM]uint64
  8. func main() {
  9. var result uint64 = 0
  10. start := time.Now()
  11. for i:=0; i < LIM; i++ {
  12. result = fibonacci(i)
  13. fmt.Printf(“fibonacci(%d) is: %d\n”, i, result)
  14. }
  15. end := time.Now()
  16. delta := end.Sub(start)
  17. fmt.Printf(“longCalculation took this amount of time: %s\n”, delta)
  18. }
  20. func fibonacci(n int) (res uint64) {
  21. // memoization: check if fibonacci(n) is already known in array:
  22. if fibs[n] != 0 {
  23. res = fibs[n]
  24. return
  25. }
  26. if n <= 1 {
  27. res = 1
  28. } else {
  29. res = fibonacci(n-1) + fibonacci(n-2)
  30. }
  31. fibs[n] = res
  32. return
  33. }



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